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Feb 14 2010

Meet Shelli Gardner, Stampin’Up! co-founder and CEO on March 10th


This is a once in a lifetime experience!  Come meet Shelli Gardner, Stampin’ Up! co-founder and CEO. 


It is a fun filled evening, where you are going to hear Shelli share her story, show you the projects she demonstrated at my workshop of a lifetime and work her magic… 

There will be plenty of swapping, display boards, make and takes and much more

When:  Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Registration:  6:30 pm

Event:  7:00 to 9:30 pm


La  Cite Golf Club

850 McGill Street

Hawkesbury, Ontario

K6A 1R4

(1 hr between Montreal, Qc and Ottawa, Ont)


25$ registration fee includes:

4 make & takes… 15$

Hall Rental… 2$

Door Prizes… 3$

Snacks and decorations… 5$

Meet Shelli Gardner… Priceless


Space is limited 14 spots left

Early Bird price (before February 19th):  25$

After February 19th: 30$ (if space is still available)

(Your spot will be reserved when payment is received)

To sign up click HERE




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Feb 09 2010

Me, Kim Assaly winner of Shelli’s recruiting challenge!? I still can’t believe it!


The cat is out of the bag!  Yes it has been a very emotional week for me.  I was a little sick two weekends ago and had to miss a stampin event to rest. (Which I never do) I always bring my daughter Megan skating in Montreal ( 1hrs drive to and 1hrs back) for skating on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays.  It is her passion!  Since I had been sick, my husband offered to take her last Wednesday so I could rest.  Well it was the best thing I ever done.  At 8h17pm eastern time, I received a call from my new SAM, Becky. She said guess what! Kim Assaly, you have won Shelli’s challenge!! I almost fell of the sofa!

Sorry Josee and all the others  who called or emailed to see if I had won the challenge, but I was told I couldn’t share my news or else… lol Actually I didn’t lie because everyone who contacted me asked if Shelli called, and she didn’t but my SAM did with this unbelievable news.  So it wasn’t a lie! Right!

If you would have seen me, I was pacing in the house.  I think I told her about 20 times really really.  I was shaking.  The bug I had caught during the weekend was over.  I was recharged.  Full of energy.  So fully recharged that I had trouble sleeping that very night.  Then everything made sense to me.

On January 31st, when the challenge finished, I had recruited 6, my goal was 10.  I still do have a few potential recruits but didn’t want to pressure anyone.   When the time is right, they will sign up!  On February 1st, I woke up at 6am ( I usually have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, I’m an night owl.) with one thing on my mind:  I had won the challenge…  Then I said to myself it can’t be true.  I had spoken to one demonstrator who said she knew a few that had recruited 8.  So my  chances were over.  That is what I taught then.  Surprise!  My vision from February 1st  told me that I had won this challenge and I did.  Now that I think of it, it is kind of freeky… 

Anyway I couldn’t tell a soul except my SAM said I could share with my husband.  So I called him on his cell and said babe I have a secret to share but you can’t tell anyone.  Then I paused and started crying.  Which scared the jeepers out of him.  He taught it was bad news.  Then I said chéri, I won the recruiting challenge, Shelli Gardner, co-founder and CEO of Stampin’Up! is coming home.  He was so proud of me,  had a few tears…  (sorry for sharing honey)  A sensitive man is very sexxy!  He got home and kissed me and I knew and felt he was truly proud of me.  It was a very emotional time!

It’s been a week now, I think I called my SAM probably three times,  Sorry Becky,  wanting more details which I didn’t receive yet.  They were waiting to post the information on the site.  Longest week everrrrrrrrr.

Sorry Marlayne and Jo-Ann that I didn’t attend your events!  Anthony and I have a few things to take care of before Shelli comes home.  Also, my SAM suggested I stay away from demonstrators so I would’nt spill the beans.  Which you would have seen as I am glowing right now!

I so wanted a picture with her at leadership but missed my chance, but now I will get more than a picture…

Thank you Ronda, fellow demonstrators and especially to my customers, for your support. 

I will have more details to share as soon as I know when she is coming.  It could be in a week or so.  I have been checking the Stampin’Up! web site about 10 times a day.  What a way to get some hits….Hey!(Proud to be Canadian!)lol…

Happy Tuesday!

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Feb 08 2010

Haute couture quilted purse

 Well I loved my first quilted bag that I decided to do a bigger purse that fits my personal taste!  I was inspired to create in the tones of the bag that I received at leadership. (One of the purkes of being a demonstrator) You can view it  here.  My challenge was to take a picture of this bag since I made it bigger to fit in all my nic nacs that I usually bring in my purse.  The bigger the better!

 Here is a close up.  Thank you Paula for the expertise in haute couture!

The flower folds were different this time.  I decided to add lots of layers without crossing them over.  I just love the fluff, makes it so feminine!

This is my favorite pic.  You can see all the layers here!

If you are interested in signing up for a class on how to do these gorgeous bags, please email me!  I have so many ideas since I started using the Big shot to cut fabrics with all the sizzix dies!  Thank you stampin up. What next!

Have a wonderful monday! Bon lundi tout le monde!

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Feb 03 2010

My first quilt purse

When I attended leadership in Arizona I learned that you can use the big shot for quilting.  Actually did you know that the big shot can cut up to 50 different types of material.  

 Last Thursday,my friend Claudine and I decided to attack this great opportunity.  I wanted to create the scallop square purse.  Here is my first gorgeous quilted purse.  These colors remind me of spring. The flower has been created with the Flower Folds die # 115970 and for the purse, I used the Scallop Squre die #  115950.  And of course I love matching things so I used Button Latte #114333 on my fabric flower.  Wouldn’t it be cute to do a diaper bag for expecting moms.  Even my husband was super impress  by the bag.  I just got a bunch of fabric and I am off to create a very trendy bag.To order these or to see other great dies for scrapbooking or for quilting contact me. 

Sale-a-bration is a great opportunity to earn your big shot for FREE or if you have the big shot then why not get FREE dies!  Contact me today to book your party.  we still have February and March!

Stay tune I have lots to share this week!  Have a great Wednesday!  Bonne semaine!

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