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Hi! I'm Kim Assaly, the Founder and Designer of Riverfrontstampin'. Welcome to my blog!

I live in a small town called L'Orignal, located in Eastern Ontario, Canada, 10 min from the Quebec borders. I speak English and French. I wish I could speak Dutch, as my mother was born in Holland.

In June 2006, I was a full time nurse & a mother of 3 beautiful girls.  I wanted to spend more time at home with my children and create my own working hours!

I joined Stampin' up and it changed my life!  I was a part-time nurse in the community and a part-time nurse at home.  I rescued family pictures out of their shoe boxes by scrapbooking and card making!

The love of my life Chris has encouraged me to start blogging again since he knows I love it so much. He has been my rock in the last couple of years and I am truly blessed that he has crossed my path. My daughters and I are truly grateful for his presence in our lives.  I'm not sure yet how I'm going to blog about him since I cannot post his picture because of his career. All I can say is that he makes my scrapbooking albums look pretty good:)

I have 3 beautiful daughters Megan 16, Lauren 15 and Jordan 11. 

Not only have I met numerous new friends through my classes, workshops and Stampin'up events, but I also get discounts on my scrapbooking supplies.  I am paid to do what I truly love.

If you love crafting, there are many reasons to attend one of my stamping events, or host a workshop or even join the Stampin'up family.  Contact me to get your free information packets.

I have won numerous awards:  In 2011, I was #3 demonstrator of the year in Canada, I earned  the 2012 Walt Disney Trip, in 2010, I earned the 2011 Alaska cruise and in 2009, I earned the Southern Caribbean Cruise.  My favorite achievement was winning the workshop of a lifetime recruiting challenge in January 2010. 


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