Oct 21 2015

It’s all about balance

Are you excited about the mini catalogue?  In this house we sure are!!! My daughters and I decided to play with the Oh what fun Tag project kit #139602.  I have never created 30 tags so quickly.  Of course their help was amazing.  If you don't like to create new projects but would love to make adorable tags, this kit is right for you.  It comes with instructions. It is pre cut and just needs a little stamping.  After we finished creating them all, we still had leftover bedazzles.  I love them all.  I really can't pick my favorite. 

The before shot!!!

I'm all about balance.  Making sure to take care of myself. Making sure that my daughters are on the right path, guiding them to make good choices.  There is a lot of chatting going on in this house, sometimes intense chats and we do have tears from time to time but we stick together and help each other out.   Last friday, I had to work late and we had "a situation".  I love that I can count on Chris to guide me on the right path.  He gave me the best advise.  He sent me a message and it said:  "I will put it this way for you……you are her mother, not her friend. Your job is to protect her, not to be her buddy.  Throughout her life, you will make difficult and unpopular decisions but later when she grows up to be successful in all aspects of her life, she will love you even that much more for your tough decisions."  When I got that message, my shoulders came down from touching my ears.  I wanted to hug him over the phone.  If there is somebody out there reading this that is separated, you will understand me.  How tough to parent a child that you have not seen for a week.  It's their first day back and you have to tell them how it is and they might not like it….  It is not always rosie….  On a side note, we are back on track and this project was a great way to sit around the table and watch a combo of dancing with the stars and the voice and chat.  I might not post daily.  But feel that balance is the key for me right now and probably forever.  Juggling working out of town, the girls, my health and having a healthy relationship with my honey, matters a great deal to me.  He is definitely a KEEPER!! and a very smart man:)))

Last night, I stamped and created with one of my downlines.  We worked on different projects, shared tips and talked about future projects.  I love that stamping can bring so much joy.  It's a pretty much amazing social gathering.  The friends, support and also learning about myself plays a good part with my stamping.  I can't wait to show you what  I came up with… Enough said….

The after shot!!! of course I only put a couple on the wall.  30 tags would be a lot to place on the wall.

We got to make 3 of each tags listed below. My daughters made an excellent job at stamping and assembling.  Especially megan for adding the finishing touches…

I think this one above is my favorite.

I truly love the snowflake above as well.  I'm thinking of saving one to use on another project.  I am so excited that have a bunch of tags made for Christmas already.  I will create a couple tags from scratch that I like to personalize for specific people but these are a great start to the holidays…

My daughter Megan hung them all on one of my vintage Christmas tree.  Here is part of the tree lol.

You won't want to miss out on my next post.  I wanted to squeal after creating my next project.  It's a project that I have created from scratch, Kim style:)

Housekeeping announcement:

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Enjoy your evening, Hugs xox

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