Jan 17 2011

Kim’s big offer- help wanted

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Leadership ended with fabulous surprises, free products, amazing demonstrator benefits and an exciting offer of a lifetime!  Stampin'Up! has given me a FREE DEMONSTRATOR STARTER KIT… and I get to give it away!  Will you be "the lucky one"?

AND…have me, Kim come and do your FIRST CLASS/PARTY/WORKSHOP?

Just ask yourself these few questions:

  • Do you LOVE rubber stamping or paper crafting or scrapbooking?
  • Would you love to be a part of a successful Stampin' Up! team?
  • Do you have 3 or more evenings/days a month that you could commit to "work" consistently? (and I use that term loosely…this work is FUN!)
  • Would you love access to an online community where you can get and share all kinds of business and stamping ideas?  A community that currently has over 120,000 "searchable" samples to browse and copy?"
  • Would you love to purchase all your Stampin' supplies at a discount, AND have them be a tax write off too?
  • Would you love to do some tax deductible traveling?
  • Would you love to earn a FREE Grand vacation for two, all expenses paid?

Are you willing to schedule a "party at your house" in the next 30 days to let all your friends and family know you've decided to start your own business? BONUS…I come and DO ALL THE WORK for this one!
WOULD YOU LOVE TO GET over $375 OR $385 (DIGITAL KIT) worth of stampin' supplies and business supplies…for only $215?  BETTER YET…

All you have to do is 'hit reply' and tell me why YOU should be the one to receive my FREE STARTER KIT! I will read all the "entries" and somehow choose ONE OF YOU to get the FREE STARTER KIT…
YOU NEED TO ACT NOW…if "you're the one" we will need to meet and get the paperwork filled out, and postmark it BY THIS FRIDAY…
January 21st 
Stampin' Up! gave ALL LEADERSHIP ATTENDEES one FREE KIT… but we have to give it away by January 21st or we lose it…and we need time to get together, so don't wait…
This offer is only available for someone who is willing to give a serious effort to get a business started… so you would need to commit on your calendar 3 or more evenings/afternoon/etc  a month to do workshops… that's pretty easy when you figure there's 28-31 days to choose from each month! AND… you need to be willing to have the first one in the next 30 days…but don't panic… I COME AND DO ALL THE WORK!

This company, my business, has changed my life… it has the power to change yours too if you want it…
 I'm here to help YOU get what YOU want… and when I do that right, I get what I want too!
Contact me now…if you've read all this, you must be interested!:)

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