Sep 22 2016

Migraine sufferer?

Good morning!  Happy Thursday!  This morning I get to sit back, relax and sip on a cup of coffee.  The girls are with their father and Chris is out of town for work.  I'm flexing my day since I'm teaching prenatal classes this evening.  The house is so quiet.  Days like today make me realize how fast my daily pace is..  Life can get so crazy… A couple of weeks ago, I saw a neurologist for migraines "migraines that have been so intense these last past couple of months".  The doctor wants me to take daily medication to control them.  My response was, this doesn't currently affect my work, I mostly get them on weekends or on holidays.  His response was that I must have weekend migraines, "the saturday syndrome."   That I role on such a high pace all week that when I relax, they just hit me like I've been hit by a brick…  Working full time out of town, running around with the kids, working out less, I can go on…. must have an impact.

Here are 7 Tips to Avoid the Weekend Migraine Pattern:

  1. Get up at the same time on Saturday as you do Monday – Friday.  Sleeping an hour or two later can be a trigger.
  2. Keep stress levels somewhat steady all week, trying not to mentally, physically or emotionally strain yourself during the week and then completely chilling on the weekend.  Don’t rev your engine and then coast.
  3. Consume caffeine like a drug, or not at all.  Weaning yourself off caffeine isn’t easy, but can be done over time.  Just know that consuming your coffee two hours later, or not at all on Saturday, is a controllable migraine trigger.
  4. Eat some kind of breakfast.  Skipping a meal is a trigger.  On an ordinary Saturday, you should have a shake, fruit or oatmeal with your breakfast to boost hydration.  On a sports Saturday, eat a banana and sports drink before exercising to boost electrolyte levels
  5. Drink more water.  Drinking more water while exercising and after, to replenish fluid you’re losing.  You’d need half your weight in fluid ounces on an ordinary day, more when you’re exercising.
  6. Wear quality sunglasses to diminish the sun glare and block UV rays.
  7. Take a tepid instead of a hot shower.  And bring water into the shower, since hot water zaps moisture from your skin.

MA Takeaway:  Don’t snooze, or let a weekend migraine ruin another Saturday.  Keep your stress, sleep and caffeine habits as steady as possible and you’re less likely to spend the day in pain.

Finding ways to relax has been my goal more than ever.  I've been stamping lots, starting working out on my lunch hour again, trying really hard to drink plenty of water.  I've also learned to listen to my body and taking holidays when I feel I need it.  I've also been minimizing and purging my house.  Going back to simplicity…. I'm still a messy stamper…

Things I need to work on a little more, asking my kids to help out a little more around the house… I love them dearly but I think when they get here on my custody week, it's kind of holiday central…  Mostly by my own fault. I miss them dearly and try to compensate the week they are here.  There has been a couple of shopping trips for back to school, and activities are back in full swing.  We live in a small town we commute often to Ottawa or Montreal when we want specific things…

If you have migraine tips that work for you, please let me know.  I'd love to try them out…

This morning, I'd love to share one of my relaxing home crafting project from the weekend.   It really represents my style.  I was inspired with the monochromatic theme from my own decorating style at home.  My house is decorated with cream and soft sky palettes.  I love the simplicity and relaxing effect I get when I walk in from a busy day.

My card was created with the stamp set  Frosted Medallions #142189 (clear) and #142186 (wood) from the holiday catalogue. This stamp set is pretty versatile, you can very easily use it all year long.  It is also available in french for my french customers:)  I embossed the medallions.

step 1:  ink your medallion stamp with versamark #102283

step 2:  ink the same medallion in soft sky ink #131181

step 3:  stamp image on whisper white cardstock #100730

step 4:  add clear embossing powder and remove the excess #109130

step 5:  Heat with heating tool #129053

This is why the image above looks like a darker soft sky. 

I then used the layering circles framelits #141705 for the whisper white cardstock and soft sky cardstock #131203 See the image below.

My very favorite product from the catalogue is the cable knit dynamic textured impressions embossing folder #143537.  You really really must get this product.  I've seen so many projects with it.  On my card it creates the perfect background accent.  You need a big shot #143263 for this.  If you don't have one, host a workshop/stamp party to get one at a discount or possibly free or get your starter kit and include it in your order.  Ask me how!

My embellishments include:  the fancy frost sequins #142519, the 3/8 glitter ribbon combo pack #142015 (comes in sugarplum and silver) and delicate white doilies #141701.  Here's a tip, to set your frost sequins, use the fine tip glue pen #138309.  I even used the tip of the glue pen to pick them up directly from the jar.

If you would like the frosted medallions card kit, email me.  It includes the stamp set as well.


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Enjoy your day, bonne journée, HUGS!!!

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