Apr 15 2011

Scrapbooking Layout

I have been going through lots of emotions in the last few days.  My daughter Megan is going to be 11 on June 2nd.  To remain in the competitive levels at figure skating she needed to pass a test.  Since she had not skated a hole lot in March, I was really nervous for her to undergo this testing.  One of her coaches wanted to pull her out of competition and testing.  But last week she proved him wrong.  I needed to travel out of town for her to practice.  That meant driving 1 1/2 hour back and forth so she could get ice time since there is no more ice in our local town.  Last Saturday, she made it to competition.  Her skating had been solid all week.  As she is getting older, nerves started interfering with performance.  You probably think why am I making her do this?  Well I am not!  I have asked her and Megan persists, she loves it!  Anyway, she had two numbers at different competitive levels.  The first one was a bit shaky but she said to me don't worry, I am going to do well for the next one.  "The next one" was the important one, the one that was counting for testing. Well she was right, it was her best skate, she beat her own personal score and Megan passed her test.  wohooo!

Why am I sharing this with you?  Well because I have shared with Megan that the test she was undergoing and the competition she was doing shouldn't stress her as much.  That she should only focus on herself & compete against herself, beat her own personal score & skate her best skate!  We all dream big sometimes, anyway I do! This entire week of supporting Megan has made me realize that I, myself should follow the advice I have given Megan.  Do you follow your own advice?  Sometimes, we get so busy that we don't even take the time to reflect on our own accomplishments.  We set goals, we accomplish them & then we need to celebrate our accomplishments. After it's time to make new goals.  I hope I made you reflect a little, do you have goals, do you dream big?  Don't ever let anything or anyone step in the way of your dreams:)

Here is Megan, after competition: she was super excited and I was relieved and the knots in my stomach disappeared. As for goals for myself, I went for my first run outside and was able to do my 6k like I did last year.  Yeah! it had been almost 9 months since I ran outside!  I was super happy & plan on achieving new goals.

Now for the fun!  There is not much time left for the Occasion's Mini.  I have used Botanical Gazette Designer paper #121783 for so many creations.  Here are two of the pages I designed for the retreat.  I was in charge of making 4 scrapbook pages and Marlayne was in charge of 4 cards.

Here are the first two pages, I will try to take better pics but today the camera hasn't been cooperating with me:(  I want to highlight how I love the beveled windowpanes #121881.  These are great to highlight pictures and stamped images.

Here is Jordan fishing with my dad!

Here is my sweetie with his manly toy, last year on Father's Day

And here is one of the beveled windowpanes #121881 I was talking about.  I will post full pages and add the other two very soon.

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Have a great evening,

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  1. Fran Sabadon 16 Apr 2011 at 9:37 pm

    Congratulations to Megan!  That's a wonderful story and makes me sit back and think.  (You notice I didn't say anything about running!)  I happy for your girl! (and her mom.)
    Your pages are beautiful and I love how you used the beveled window piece. 

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